Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mattress Cleaner by Norwex

My husband used to have a chronic stuffed up nose and always felt like he had a cold. Using the Mattress Cleaner has made a huge difference for him and we now travel with it if we can. My friend was using an inhaler for asthma and after starting to use the mattress cleaner she hardly ever needs to use it anymore. Tracey M.

Personal experience. My daughter's bedroom was just above our room and she would cough all night long to the point she had to sleep on the couch the mattress cleaner was the first product that I bought. I used it the first week and then once the next week. Her coughing stopped I was sooo glad. I attribute it to the mattress cleaner. Karin R.

My husband is asthmatic and snored like a chain saw. The first night I used the mattress cleaner he stopped snoring completely. Now I know it's time to respray if he starts snoring again! Jennifer M. 

I'm severely allergic to dust mites. When I first heard about the mattress cleaner I was trilled. I used to wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning with full sneezing fits and a stuffy nose. No more. I spray the mattress about every 2 months and then I also spray the carpet under the bed (kind of most of the room very lightly). And the drapes a couple times a year. When I wake up sneezing again I know it's time. Sharon H.

I would always wake up and sneeze in the middle of the night and wake fully congested. Since the first night I applied the mattress spray, I notices I wasn't sneezing at night and my morning congestion has improved greatly! Now to tackle the furniture and remove the carpet. I really only use the spray in the bed as suggested in the bottle (every three or four months I believe). Kelly B. 

My husband has severe psoriasis (which means extra food for those dust mites). He was snoring so badly that he was waking himself up during the night. I spray our mattress and pillows, as well as our large duvet every month when we flip/turn our mattress. My husband rarely snores at all now and he feels so much more rested. I also use it on our couches and rugs twice a year. Love the Mattress Spray! Thea N.-V. 

My Boxer (see profile pic!) is allergic to life. When he was a baby, his fur was falling out, his ears were bleeding and he chewed his paws non-stop. We took him to a dermatologist who did the testing and he's allergic to dust mites. Perfect time to test the Mattress Cleaner. Within 2 weeks of spraying his beds, his fur was starting to come back in and he had stopped chewing his feet. Now I spray his beds every month and he no longer looks like no one loves him...  Shannon C. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent

Help! I'm almost out of Norwex Laundry Detergent! My kids hate when I use detergent from the store. Last time I ran out of the Ultra Power Plus, my nine year old told me to just leave her clothes dirty until I get the stuff that doesn't make her itchy! Lisa from Kouchibouguac, NB, CANADA

My mother-in-law has suffered from insomnia for many years. When she was educated about the toxic chemicals in the laundry products she was using, she immediately switched over to the Norwex laundry line. She started using the detergent, magnet ball and dryer balls and loved them right away because of how well they worked. Three months later she confided in me that her insomnia was gone and that it had went away the very first night she slept on her sheets and bedding laundered with the Norwex Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent. She didn't want to tell me earlier because she wanted to make sure it didn't return and that it was indeed what she thought it was. Her so-called "clean" sheets had been keeping her awake all this time!
Robbie from Minnesota Lakes, MN, USA

I am so impressed with the Norwex Laundry Detergent. My husband owns a small restaurant, so I do all the washing of his chef coats, dish cloths and linens at home. I have used many different products including bleach and can never really get things clean. I have been using the Norwex Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent since June 2011 and I am so happy with the results! I used to have to throw out the dish cloths often because I could not get the grease out of them and therefore, they would develop an odd odour. Not anymore! I am able to use the Norwex detergent and am winning the battle with grease. I also feel better about not harming the environment! Adrienne from St Catharines, ON, CANADA

We decided to try the Norwex Laundry Detergent because my children have very sensitive skin and get red bumps on their arms legs and back. Since we have used Norwex Laundry Detergent my daughter no longer gets any red bumps and my son’s have diminished greatly. He calls it “his soap” and will not use any other laundry detergent and is sure to let me know as soon as it is getting low! Just after we had started using the detergent, my son, who at that time was 11 years old, got creosote (the stuff painted on the wood of telephone poles is like tar and oil and pitch all rolled into one ugly mess) on his favourite jacket. By the time I had arrived home from work he had washed and DRYED it twice and he was certain his jacket was ruined. He went onto the internet and printed out a picture and found the price to replace his jacket. I told him I would try the new detergent I had purchased at my first Norwex party. It was the Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent. I wet down the “creosote area” on the jacket, put a small amount of the powder laundry detergent on it and then used an antibac Enviro cloth and rubbed in little circles and saw the color of the creosote start to come off. I repeated it twice and then tossed it in the washer added 1/2 scoop of detergent and let it go through the cycle! When the wash was finished I was so thankful…it really was GONE!!! We love the Norwex Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent and have been using it for 2 years!
Diona from Arlington, WA, USA _________________________________________________________

My daughter’s asthma is much better now that we use Norwex Laundry Detergent and the Enviro Cloths to clean(she only had to use her asthma pumps once in the last month, when it used to be 4 times a day). After only one month of using the Norwex products, I am also no longer take my allergy pills. A thousand sincere thank you!
Irene from Dieppe, New Brunswick, CANADA _________________________________________________________

My cloth diapers had plenty of stains that had been there through months of washing and drying on high heat. One wash with Ultra Power Plus and most of the stains were gone! A second wash completely removed the few that were remaining! The diapers look like new and their absorbency is great.
Erin from Spicer, MN, USA

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Several Norwex Products

I just wanted to let you know that my oven is so clean now that, not only did my smoke detector not go off but, it’s so shiny I could see my reflection! Every time I bake in the oven, I open the door to grab my grub and that darn smoke detector goes off! The bottom of my stove was very black but I was avoiding cleaning it as the oven cleaner is quite harsh and I have to evacuate my apartment and use a painter’s mask to keep from inhaling the fumes. I sprayed the stove last night with the Norwex Oven & Grill Cleaner and let it sit for a few hours. Then I used the Spririnette to scrub the oven and also used the Kitchen Scrub Cloth. Pretty much everything came off and I was able to rinse the scrub cloth completely clear of the black so it’s back to blue. I think that oven cleaner, Spirinette & Scrub cloth are worth their weight in gold. I baked some Spanakopita last night and had Connor ready with a dish towel standing underneath the smoke detector ready to fan the air when it went off but this was the first time it didn’t. Now that I have a clean oven, this shouldn’t be happening anymore. Now I don’t need to worry about inhaling those toxic fumes. Same goes for the enviro-cloth. I cleaned my bathrooms and kitchen in no time. The cleaning paste in the shower was great. Had to use a tooth brush because the grout between the tiles is quite porous but they came clean as well. It made cleaning my house fast. Thought you may want to have my testimonial for future parties. L.H.

Please Note: Below are the instructions for using Norwex Oven and Grill Cleaner. You will see that it says to spray on a warm surface and you only need to leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes. I just wanted to clarify this in case you are reading the above and are not familiar with the product and think it needs to be left on for hours. It does not though some people have had success using it on non-preheated surfaces and leaving it on for longer periods.

1. Preheat oven to 100°F (38°C) and turn off before applying product.

Pre-heating the surface will energize the microbes and enzymes to work faster.

Be careful not to over heat the oven as the water based cleaner will simply evaporate on contact if you do.

2. Apply undiluted Oven and Grill Cleaner to top of oven first, then to the sides, and lastly to the bottom avoiding heating element(s).

3. Allow cleaner to work for 5-10 minutes.

If you've let it sit too long and it's dried, simply use a spray bottle with water and mist the surface again - it will make wiping up the mess much easier.

4. Wipe with damp Enviro Cloth and rinse thoroughly with potable water.

Stubborn deposits may require more than one application and a scrub with a Spirisponge, Spirinett or Kitchen Scrub Cloth.

5. After cleaning, heat oven to 200°F (95°C) for 10 minutes prior to use.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cleaning Tupperware

Just to let you know, I have some Tupper wear that is over 30 years old and has been sitting around much of that time, since it is a pie holder. It was quite grungy (is that a word?) and it cleaned up very nice with Norwex kitchen scrub cloth and the enviro cloth and a bit of dishwashing liquid.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cleaning Paste in the Kitchen Sink

I used the cleaning paste both like a paste and like a dry chalk. We just moved and the sink was gross. So here is a before and after.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Body Cloths

I just wanted to tell you how great the body cloths are. I've had rough patches on my knees (possibly eczema) that have not gone away even with daily lotions and some minor exfoliation. As soon as I started using the body cloths they've gone away! It's amazing. Also, my deodorant works the full 24 hours as advertised, and the same with my sisters! We all sweat a lot unfortunately, so the cloths have been a great addition to our body care. :0) Take care, D.